Vol. 17, ed. 3

April 2021

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The third issue of the new Bulletin explores the difference we can all make in reducing drug-related harms.

Inside this month’s issue, you’ll find stories about the progress that’s been made to reduce the prevalence of hep C, the complex realities of performance- and image-enhancing drugs, a Q&A with the inaugural Medical Director of the Sydney safe injecting room Dr Ingrid van Beek, and a celebration of the life of legendary consumer rights activist Jude Byrne.

One of the many lessons I took from these stories is that systems can be changed for the better. Sometimes it takes only one person or organisation.

The past few weeks have provided more evidence that our drug control systems are beginning to show signs of change.

In the middle of March, the Australian Government announced a $15 million grant opportunity to investigate the potential use of hallucinogens and stimulant drugs supported by psychological/psychiatric care for treatment-resistant mental illness.

In early April, the Victorian Coroner Paresa Spanos called for the implementation of illicit drug checking after an investigation into the deaths of five young men who consumed what they believed was MDMA and/or magic mushrooms.

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John Ryan
CEO, Penington Institute